30 Days Of Things You Freaking Love Challenge

Here's a different post for ya! As you've maybe noticed, I'm not obsessed with tags or challenges but that's not because I don't like them (on the contrary!) but because I genuinely lack time or dedication to finish them off. That's why it was so interesting and indeed challenging to keep the dedication for a full month. I have had a few ‘Ooops! I did it again’ times when I missed a day but, all in all, I think I did alright. 30 Days Of Things You Freaking Love Challenge was fun to do, it probably gives an insight to how I am as a person in a very random way. I've mainly focused it on my Instagram profile but have followed it through via Facebook as well but I thought it would be nice to gather all photos at one place. Plus, I get a chance to get chatty and whatnot. Without further ado, let us see what have I been freakin’ lovin’ for the past thirty days! Day 1. – homecooked meals in general but especially those made by the hand of my hubby dearest. Day 2. – pugs! In all shapes and sizes, they're the cutest little things, aren't they? I also love French pitbulls, they melt my heart in an instant. My Instagram is filled with photos of pug and French pitbull puppies. Day 3. – cupcakes and presents! If those two can be combines, even better and on that particular day I was gifted both. Day 4. – dedicated to comfortable footwear as I have incredibly high-maintenance pair of footsies. These Tamaris slip-ons which have been on my feet since the day I bought them are amazing. Day 5. – I am very fond of precious and semi-precious stones (onyx, lapis lazuli, turquoise, tiger's eye, moonstone etc.). They always look so charming and this purple amethyst necklace pendant is no exception. Day 6. – Thierry Mugler's Angel is one of my favorite fragrances ever and probably one of the biggest icons in the olfactory world. Day 7. – I've developed a special attention to pretty manicures and cutesy rings. Indeed, groomed and polished nails seem to brighten even the dullest of days! Day 8. – something I took for granted when I was younger but thanks to working in night shifts, sleep is at the very top of my priorities. Day 9. – out of every physical activity I've engaged in so far, running is by far my favorite! Day 10. – maybe it's odd but a pretty umbrella can make my day! And I always have one in my bag. Day 11. – Did you know that strawberries come from the rose family? Technically, they're not berries at all! They're also the only fruit that wears its seed on the outside. Day 12. – Tulips are my favorite flowers since as long as I can remember and I do remember smelling them in my grandmother's backyard. Day 13. –  I find that, if someone has the ability to make people laugh, it makes their company extremely desirable. It's one of the best traits a person can have, in my opinion. Here's to sincere and uplifting laughter! Day 14. – Yoga! It really is an answer for all of us temperamental people – it cools down, calms down and clears your mind. Day 15. – Kinder desserts! Whether it's Kinder Pingui, Kinder Fresh, Kinder Country, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Milch Schnitte, Kinder Bueno or Kinder Maxi King – I love them all!

Danas cemo citati malo drugaciji post! Kako ste mozda primjetile, nisam pretjerano vjerna izaozvima niti tagovima ali ne zbog toga sto ih ne volim (naprotiv!) vec ponajvise zato sto mi istinski nedostaje vremena ali i posvecenosti kako bih ih privela kraju. Bas zato je bilo interesantno vidjeti kako cu se snaci i vjerovatno pokusati izmigoljiti iz izazova koji traje punih mjesec dana. Necu vas lagati, bilo je par ‘Ups!’ momenata kada bih propustila dan ali, sve u svemu, mislim da nisam bila grozna. 30 Days Of Things You Freaking Love izazov je bio jako zabavan, vjerovatno daje uvida i u to kakva sam osoba na jedan dosta nasumican nacin. Prvenstveno je izazov bio fokusiran na Instagram no prenosila sam ga i preko Facebook profila no mislila sam kako bi takodjer bilo super imati sve fotke i zabiljeske na jednom mjestu. Ovo je bila i odlicna prilika da se raspisem (to se ne propusta). Da ne bih vise duzila, idemo vidjeti sto sam to toliko voljela proteklih 30 dana. Dan 1. – domace spremljena jela, pogotovo spremljena od ruke mog supruga. Dan 2. – mopsici! Jako ih volim a simpaticni su mi i francuski pitbuli koje bih izgnjavila do besvijesti! Instagram profil mi je prepun fotkica stenaca i besramno uzivam u njima. Dan 3. – cupcake i poklon – dvije stvari kojima uvijek ima mjesta u mom zivotu. Pogotovo ako je rijec o nekoj 2 u 1 varijanti kojom sam bila pocascena datog dana. Dan 4. – posvecen je udobnoj obuci posto su moja stopala izuzetno zahtjevna. Tamaris slip-on tenisice nosim od prvog dana kupovine posto su nevjerovatno udobne, parkticne jer ih mogu nositi uz vecinu odjece a i izgledaju lijepo. Dan 5. – u mom srcu posebno mjesto ima poludrago kamenje (oniks, lapis lazuli, tirkiz, tigrovo oko, mjesecev kamen itd.). Mislim da su jako sarmantni a ovaj privjesak od ljubicastog ametista nije izuzetak. Dan 6. – Thierry Mugler Angel je jedan od meni najdrazih parfema i istinska je ikona u olfaktornom svijetu. Dan 7. – razvila sam posebnu sklonost ka lijepo nalakiranim noktima i sladjusnim prstencicima. I zaista, lijep manikir moze osvijetliti i najoblacniji dan! Dan 8. – nesto sto nisam voljela dok sam bila dijete (cak sam smatrala gubitkom vremena) a zbog nocnog rada sada smatram dragocjenim je san. Dan 9. – od svih fizickih aktivnosti kojima se bavim, u trcanju sam se najvise pronasla. Dan 10. – mozda je neobican odabir ali lijep kisobran mi moze uljepsati dan! Uvijek ga nosim sa sobom u torbi. Dan 11. – da li ste znali da su jagode iz porodice ruza? Tehnicki, uopste nisu bobicasto voce! Takodjer su jedinstvene po tome sto su jedino voce cije su sjemenke locirane na vanjskoj strani ploda. Dan 12. – tulipani. Meni omiljeno cvijece jos od ranog djetinjstva, kada sam ih mirisala u naninoj basti. Dan 13. – ukoliko neko ima sposobnost da nasmije ljude (cak i u najtamnijem periodu), licno smatram da je drustvo takvih ljudi pozeljno a i atraktivna je osobina. Dan 14. – yoga! Mislim da je super stvar za nas temperamentne osobe posto nas ‘ohladi’ i procisti um. Dan 15. – Kinder dezerti! Bez obzira da li se radi o Kinder Pingui, Kinder Country, Kinder Fresh, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Milch Schnitte, Kinder Bueno, Kinder Maxi Kingu ili Kinder cokoladi – volim ih sve!

Day 16. – was finally at the beauty route. Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes! All of the Naked and Naked Basics are my top picks. P.S. Naked Smoky shall be mine! Day 17. – a bit embarrassing but true. Singing in the shower – Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble style (ha!). Day 18. – I'm not a heavy coffee drinker but I have grown to like it. However, I'm in love with this Franck Irish Cream variant of our favorite caffeine source! Absolutely love the taste, the rich, thick texture and the delish aroma. Day 19. – I am a very lucky human being to be able to do what I love the most for a living. Chasing clouds! Who would've thought? And I absolutely love them, my eyes will never get tired of looking at the sky. Day 20. – Night shifts are rough and cherries are one of my allies. I try to take as many with me to work as cherries contain melatonin – something a body lacks due to lack of sleep. Day 21. – When I'm feeling extra tired and my eyes are extra puffy, I always reach for this Ebelin sleeping mask. Paired with ear plugs it's a guarantee of great sleep. Day 22. – pure 100% peanut butter, preferrably the crunchy version to keep things interesting! Hubby and I usually go for the 1kg whopper as we love it so much. Day 23. – got me all emosh. I really love the blue color in all of its variations – from the blue jeans I live in, turquoise blue jewelry which is my fave, bright blue sky which is my playground, blue nail polishes which are my fetish to the greyish blue eyes I fell in love with. Day 24. – you guys told me to try McFlurry Oreo and I have (loved it!). But I have also tried the McFlurry Kit Kat and it's absolutely divine! Now, that's what I call a dessert! Day 25. – I rarely get hooked on TV shows (True Detective being the last one I followed through) but Orphan Black got me addicted! I binge-watched all three seasons and I still haven't gotten tired of it. Tatiana Maslany is supposedly my look-alike and I don't object. Day 26. – I've been known to prefer perfumes for men in the past and I fell head over heels for Rochas Man. Cappuccino, vanille, lavender, raspberry – heaven! Did you know that this is a signature scent of Robert De Niro? Day 27. – Helen Folasade Adu, the lead singer of the iconic band Sade is a true beauty, dignified woman and a terrific artist. Day 28. – Essence Lipliner in Honey Berry! One of the cheapest and best things in beauty you can treat yourself with. Day 29. – I'm a big fan of multifunctional oils and Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse would be my top pick. But I have found a very nice alternative – the Body Drench Moroccan Argan Body & Hair dry oil (so fab!). Day 30. – Let it be spices! I love the way they look, the way they smell and ultimately the way they transform each meal into pure poetry. It's magic! Hopefully you've enjoyed this small recap of the 30 Days Of Things You Freaking Love Challenge. Now, since I'm too tired and sleepy from all the rain we're having (not summery at all), I'm off to take a nap. Have a nice day everyone 🙂

Dan  16. – je napokon unio malo beauty tematike. Urban Decay palete sjena za oci! Sve palete iz Naked i Naked Basics kolekcije imam, volim i toplo preporucujem. P.S. Naked Smoky ce biti moja! Dan 17. – pomalo sramotan ali istinit ritual – pjevanje pod tusem! I to u fazonu Fred Flintstone i Barney Rubble likova iz crtica (haha). Dan 18. – nisam nikada bila opsesivni konzument kafe no vremenom sam je zavoljela. Posebno mi se dopada Franck Irish Cream varijanta cija me aroma, miris i gustoca pjene iznova oduseve. Dan 19. – jako sam sretno ljudsko bice posto imam privilegiju da radim i zaradjujem na osnovu onoga sto najvise volim. Pojednostavljeno, trcim za oblacima! Ko bi rekao? I mislim da mi se oci nikada nece umoriti od gledanja u nebo. Dan 20. – rad u nocnim smjenama je  tezak a tresnje su moj saveznik u nastojanju da ostanem zdrava. Pokusavam sa sobom da ih nosim koliko god mogu dok sam na poslu posto su bogate melatoninom – materijom koja je za organizam bitna ali smanjuje se uslijed nedostatka sna (hronicna boljka nocnih radnika). Dan 21. – kada god se osjecam narocito umorno a oci su natecene, posezem sa Ebelin maskom za spavanje. U kombinaciji sa cepicima za usi, jedini je nacin da nadoknadim san bez prekidanja. Dan 22. – cisti, 100% kikiriki puter i po mogucnosti hrskava verzija sa komadicima (cisto da malo ucinimo stvari zanimljivim). Obicno kupujemo kanticu od 1kg posto se u nasem domacinstvu jako brzo trosi. Dan 23. – malo sam bila emotivna dok sam opisivala meni najdrazu boju. Plava je u mom srcu u svim varijacijama – od plavih farmerica u kojima doslovno zivim, tirkizno plavog nakita koji mi je omiljeni, svijetlo plavog neba koje je moje igraliste, plavih lakova za nokte koji su moj beauty fetis pa do sivo/plavih ociju u koje sam se zaljubila. Dan 24. – vi ste mi preporucile da isprobam McFlurry Oreo, sto sam i ucinila (preukusan je!). Ali sam poslije njega isprobala i McFlurry Kit Kat koji me jos vise odusevio – e to ja zovem dezertom! Dan 25. – rijetko kada se ‘navucem’ na serije (True Deetective me posljednja fascinirala) ali je Orphan Black serija kojom sam apsolutno opsjednuta. Gledala sam sve tri sezone u jednom dahu, danima se radujuci novim epizodama i jos mi nije dosadila. Tatiana Maslany (glavni protagonista) je zenskica koja navodno slici meni a ja se necu zaliti. Dan 26. – godinama unazad, poznato je da nerijetko preferiram muske parfeme a nedavno sam se zaljubila u Rochas Man. Note kapucina, vanilije, lavande, maline – savrsenstvo! Da li ste znali da je Rochas Man signature scent glumca Robert De Nira? Dan 27. – Helen Folasade Adu, glavni vokal ikonskog benda Sade je definicija ljepote, dostojanstvena zena i istinski umjetnik. Dan 28. – Essence olovka za usne u nijansi Honey Berry! Jedno je od beauty uzitaka koje najmanje kostaju a visestruko usrecuju i vrijede. Dan 29. – velika sam ljubiteljica multifunkcionalnih ulja i Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse bi bio moj vrhunski odabir ali sam pronasla i odlicnu alternativu u Body Drench Argan suhom ulju za tijelo i kosu. Dan 30. – zacini! Volim kako izgledaju, njihove teksture pod prstima, mirise a ponajvise volim kako transformisu svako jelo u cistu poeziju. Magicni su. Nadam se da su vam se dopali moji odabiri za ovaj tridesetodnevni izazov. Ne znam za vas ali ja sam jako pospana i umorna, kisovito vrijeme ne pomaze (ljeto se malo zbunilo, kako vidim) i idem raditi nesto produktivno – vrijeme je za popodnevnu dremku! Zelim ugodan ostatak dana 🙂


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