Manomai Around-The-Clock Facial Serum | Blood Type O

Thailand based skincare brand called Manomai (Thai words mano – mind/spirit and mai – succeed | Succeed through mind and spirit) has this rather unique concept which ties a way of life, approach to food with the way we take care of our skin. I'm personally very familiar with this particular blood type diet therapy so I was especially intrigued when I have read that the brand's founder in pursuit of an ideal moisturizer (suiting her blood type, skin type and promoting her overall health) actually made just that that fits her vision of enhancing one's skin health. Blood type diet is a concept introduced by Dr Peter J D Adamo, author of “Eat right for your Type”. In his book he writes of his firm belief that our blood groups determine how our bodies deal with different nutrients. A diet designed specifically for your blood type should allow your body to digest and absorb food more efficiently. Result? Balanced health which automatically should be mirrored in the way you look, in he way that each body maintains its healthy weight. So this really isn't about a diet per se, it's not about an unhealthy way of losing weight and it never forces anything upon you. The entire point is to be in tune with your body. Blood type diet groups people into: high protein/ meat eaters (Type O) – that's me!, vegetarians (Type A), balanced omnivore (Type B) and mixed diet moderation (Type AB). According to Dr. Peter J D Ádamo, a chemical reaction occurs between your blood and the foods you eat. This reaction is part of your genetic inheritance. I love the fact that you even have recipes with recommended food in the book. My husband and I have purchased “Eat right for your Type” years ago and even though I was a bit skeptic about this entire concept at first, I have noticed that in our case it really makes sense.

Tajlandski brend Manomai (rijec mano – um/duh i mai -uspjeh | uspjeti putem uma i duha) predstavlja jedan prilicno jedinstven koncept koji povezuje nacin zivota, pristup ishrani i nacin na koji se brinemo o kozi. Odavno sam upoznata sa prehranom koja se bazira na krvnim grupama tako da me zaintrigirala prica o osnivacu ovog preparativnog brenda. Ona je bila u potrazi za idealnim hidratantnim proizvodom (koji bi bio siguran za koristenje i koji bi odgovarao njenoj krvnoj grupi te tipu koze) – sve dok nije napravila vlastiti proizvod, kreiran da udovolji svim zahtjevima koje je smatrala bitnim. Prehrana na osnovu krvnih grupa je koncept koji je predstavio Dr Peter J D Adamo, autor knjige “Ishrana prema krvnim grupama | 4 krvne grupe, 4 dijete”. U toj knjizi on pise i pokusava argumentovano da predstavi svoje duboko uvjerenje da nase krvne grupe odredjuju kako ce nasa tijela reagovati na razlicite namirnice. Prehrana dizajnirama konkretno za vasu krvnu grupu i njene potrebe bi trebala utjecati da organizam efikasnije vari i absorbira hranu. Rezultat? Balansirano stanje organizma, sto se odrazava i na izgledu u smislu da svako tijelo odrzava za njega zdravu i optimalnu tezinu. Ustvari se ne radi o dijeti u pravom smislu rijeci, ne radi se o agresivnom cilju gubljenja tezine. Na neki nacin, udovoljava urodjenim predispozicijama svake individue. Prehrana da osnovu krvnih grupa ljude grupise na; konzumente visokih kolicina proteina/ mesojede (kr.grupa O) – to sam ja!, vegetarijance (kr.grupa A), balansirane svezdere (kr.grupa B) i mjesovite, umjerene osobe (kr.grupa AB). Dr. Peter J D Adamo navodi da se izmedju hrane koju unosimo i nase krvi desavaju hemijske reakcije koje su dio genetskog naslijedja. Ono sto mi se dopada je sto u knjizi imamo i niz recepata za jela i dezerte za svaku grupu. Muz i ja smo knjigu nabavili prije par godina. Bila sam veliki skeptik na pocetku – samo ime autora me podsjecalo na Top Shop izlizane TV reklame ali vremenom sam stvarno uvidjela da ima nesto u tome.

In the book you can read in detail what the man recommends for each blood type but what I can attest as a Type O is that I indeed prefer meat the most. I can deal with any type of meat without a problem and even in big quantities. I have always thought that I have high stomach-acid content and that's the most likely reason why I can consume so much meat and food in general without gaining (too much) weight. As I do get older I find that my metabolism is slowing down so I'll start to include physical activity in my life as the author suggests. The sad part of this diet for me is that I adore dairy products, any type of cheese really but in hindsight – I actually don't consume lots of milk or yoghurt. While my parents were worried about me not eating too much bread, grains and beans as a child – I must say that I always remember having ‘heavy’ stomach every time I ate them. I will always love a slice (or two) of home-made bread but that is it. I adore fish and seafood and iodized salt is a must in my household – again, something that the book tells us Types O benefit of. I was also always keen on berries and plum so there's food for thought. The only issue I do have is that I'm addicted to pasta – seriously addicted and I have noticed that gluten does sometimes inhibit reactions with both, me and my husband (we're the same blood type). Coffee – it always, without exception, makes me have heartburn – just as described in the book. High stomach-acid is again to blame. Good news is that green tea, wine and beer can pass (in moderate consumption, of course) – I raise my glass to that!

Ako ste zainteresovani/zainteresovane, u knjizi mozete procitati detaljna obrazlozenja svake preporuke po krvnim grupama. Ono sto mogu reci kao nosilac krvne grupe O jeste da zaista preferiram meso. Doslovno mi se stomak moze izboriti sa skoro svim vrstama mesa, pa cak i u vecim kolicinama. Oduvijek sam sumnjala da imam visok nivo zelucane kiseline i da je to razlog zbog cega do sada nisam znacajnije dobijala na tezini, uprkos impozantnoj konzumaciji mesa i hrane. Kako prolaze godine, metabolizam mi se usporava i sve mi je jasnije da cu morati u zivot uklopiti fizicku aktivnost – takodjer se u knjizi navodi da je fizicka aktivnost od velikog znacaja za moju krvnu grupu. Nije mi se bas dopalo sto mlijecni proizvodi i nisu baz pozeljni jer jako volim sireve ali kada sam razmislila, shvatila sam da svakako i ne konzumiram mlijecne proizvode u znacajnijim kolicinama. Mlijeko i jogurt povremeno, kada ‘osjetim da ih organizam trazi’. Dok su se roditelji brinuli sto sam kao dijete odbijala hljeb, zitarice i grahorice – stvarno se sjecam da bih uvijek imala osjecaj ‘tezine’ u stomaku kada bih ih jela, zato sam ih i izbjegavala. Mozda mi je tijelo nesto porucivalo? Priznajem da ce mi kriska domaceg hljeba uvijek izazivati slast ali na tome se zaustavljam. Volim i prija mi riba, morski plodovi a jodirana sol je neizostavna u mojoj kuhinji – jos nesto sto knjiga preporucuje krvnoj grupi O. Preporucuje se bobicasto voce i sljive koje volim. Jedino odstupanje je po pitanju tjestenine kojom sam opsjednuta. Gluten je (uz zitarice) najveci neprijatelj krvne grupe O (zato u dm-u trazim onu koja ga ne sadrzi). Istina je da mi hrana sa glutenom ponekada izazove rekaciju, kod muza je to dosta izrazenije (iste smo krvne grupe). Kako pise u knjizi, tako je i kod mene slucaj sa kafom koja mi bez izuzetka izaziva zgaravicu. To je jos jedna stvar vezana za visoke nivoe zelucane kiseline. Dobra vijest je da zeleni caj, vino i pivo ne skode (u umjerenim kolicinama, naravno) – u njihovo ime nazdravljam!

Well, after all this bumf – we finally get down to the skincare – the serum. Manomai believes that skin can act like a sponge, absorbing the products that you apply to it. They believe that your skincare products should harmonize with your skin type, matching your blood group. Manomai Around-The-Clock Facial Serum for Blood Type O is indeed an amazing moisturizer. I want to mention that I love how a detailed and ‘rich’ package you get with the serum – you get all the additional leaflets and brochures so you fully understand the potential and the purpose of your new skincare item. Made with high-quality ingredients (no nasties) and up to highest standards, Manomai Around-The-Clock Facial Serum mirrors the same philosophy of a healthy approach to yourself – inside and out. You get 30ml of serum which retains its freshness for 6 months – this is expected as it contains fresh ingredients. Bottle looks very cute as its egg-shaped but it also has a luxe feel as it's made of glass. Pump is efficient and only one pump is enough for entire face and neck. This serum has a light, herbal scent that evaporates after application and is of milky, white coloring. It's of a liquidy texture which I'd describe as a light lotion/serum hybrid. It's non sticky and skin drinks it up immediately. My skin is combination and prone to clogging yet this serum never broke me out nor has caused any negative effects. What it has done is that it hydrates my skin perfectly, it balanced the oily T-zone to my dehydrated cheeks and my skin is more normal than ever. Texture of my skin is almost refined. I've been using this serum for two months, sometimes as a night treatment and sometimes under my make-up. To sum everything up – I actually do believe that there's truth to the blood type diet and this serum is a very unique product that follows that diet's philosophy. It's of a great quality and it provides visible, palpable results. I think it will appeal the most to skincare junkies, people who generally take care of their health and eat well (be it by the Peter J D Adamo book or otherwise), definitely people who live by the blood type diet as well as any random, curious soul. It's high price of $80 will probably be reasonable and excepted by such users – Manomai ( does ship worldwide.

Nadam se da ovo nije bilo previse informacija ali sam zaista zeljela da vam pokusam docarati zasto me Manomai serum zaintrigirao. Manomai kao brend vjeruje da se nasa koza ponasa poput spuzve, upijajuci sve sto na nju nanosimo. Vjeruju da bi i njega koze trebala biti u harmoniji sa potrebama krvnih grupa. Manomai Around-The-Clock serum za krvnu grupu O uistinu pruza divnu hidrataciju. Zeljela bih spomenuti kako mislim da je lijepo sto je u kutiji sa serumom prilozena koncizna kolicina informacija o njemu u vidu mini brosure i letaka. Jasno da se zele pobrinuti i da korisnik u potpunosti razumije potencijal i svrhu svog novog preparativnog proizvoda. Kreiran sa kvalitetnim proizvodima (nista stetno) po visokim standardima, Manomai Around-The-Clock serum slijedi ideologiju prehrane po krvnim grupama i u asortimanu imaju posebne serume za svaku grupu. Dobijete 30ml seruma koji odrzava svjezinu tokom 6 mjeseci od otvaranja – zbog toga sto sadrzi svjeze sastojke. Bocica djeluje jako simpaticno u svom jajastom obliku a odaje luksuzan dojam zbog kvalitete izrade i stakla. Pumpica je efikasna i jedan pritisak vam daje kolicinu dovoljnu za cijelo lice i vrat. Serum je laganog, biljnog mirisa koji nestaje po nanosenju te je mlijecno bijele boje. Tecne je teksture koju bih opisala kao hibrid laganog losiona i seruma. Tekstura je neljepljiva i koza je automatski po nanosenju upija. Moja mjesovita koza sklona zacepljenjima divno reaguje na ovaj serum koji nikada nije prouzrokovao bubuljice ili neku drugu reakciju. Kozu savrseno hidrira, balansirao je moju masnu T-zonu sa dehidriranim obrazima i sada mi koza cak spada u normalni tip. Tekstura koze je ljepsa. Serum koristim dva mjeseca nekada ujutro kao bazu za sminku ali cesce kao nemasni nocni tretman. Da zakljucim – licno vjerujem da ima istine u konceptu prehrane po krvnim grupama a ovaj prilicno originalan serum se uklapa u taj koncept savrseno. Vidi se da je kvalitetno uradjen i pruza dosta vidljive rezultate. Mislim da ce najatraktivniji biti osobama koje jako polazu na preparativu, osobama koje se uopsteno brinu o zdravlju i kvalitetno se hrane (da li po knjizi Peter J D Adama ili drugacije), definitivno ljudima koji vjeruju i zive po teoriji prehrane po krvnim grupama ali i nasumicnim znatizeljnicima. Takvim pojedincima ce visoka cijena seruma od cca 123KM biti vjerovatno opravdana. I da, Manomai ( vrsi dostavu sirom svijeta.

Ingredients; Seaweed extract, Guava Leaf extract, Cherry extract, Green Tea extract, Edelweiss extract, Willow Bark extract, Certified Organic Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter,  Jojoba Oil

– Uses natural preservatives

– NO parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances

– NOT tested on animals

– Dermatologically tested

Sastojci; ekstrakt algi, ekstrakt lista guave, ekstrakt tresnje, ekstrakt zelenog caja, ekstrakt runolista, ekstrakt kore vrbe, certificirano organsko arganovo ulje, maslinovo ulje, karite puterm ulje jojobe

– sadrzri konzervanse prirodnog porijekla

-bez parabena, bez mineralnog ulja, bez vjestackih boja i mirisa

-nije testiran na zivotinjama

-dermatoloski testiran

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