Top Five: Contemporary British Music Acts

I've decided to pop in with some non-beauty posts from time to time. I figure how it can only be a fun, good read and we can all get to know each other better. My “Top Five” series of posts will feature top five, my favorite five thigs, people, books, movies, music of a certain genre – anything scraped down to the five essentials in my humble opinion. Perhaps some of you will understand or recognize something I mention here, others may find it a cool adition to the blog, some will surely ask themselves how on Earth I can love certain things but all in all – reading about different things, apart from beauty, will defnitely let you have more insight on what type of person I am. I'm hoping that there are some fine individuals other there with a similar taste or similar interests as mine so we can exchange out impressions of different things. For this first edition of the “Top Five” series I've decided to write about five best contemporary British music acts. These would be artists which music and work I deeply love, enjoy and respect.  

Odlucila sam da na blog ubacim i postove koji nisu kozmeticke tematike – barem ponekada da se pojave i razbiju rutinu. Mislim kako to moze biti samo pozitivna stvar i dosta zabavno stivo te prilika da se svi medjusobno bolje upoznamo. Moj “Top Pet” serijal postova se u biti radi o tome da cu pisati o pet najboljih, najdrazih stvari, ljudi, knjiga, filmova, umjetnika odredjenog zanra – doslovno sve dolazi u obzir, upakovano u format od pet odabranih po jednom postu. Vjerovatno ce neke od vas da se nadju na “istoj talasnoj duljini” poput mene pa ce razmjeti zasto volimo neke stvari, nekima ce mozda ovo biti zanimljivo dok ce vjerovatno biti i onih koji nece moci da se pronadju u mojim prijedlozima. No sve u svemu – citati o novim i razlicitim stvarima (osim beauty tema) ce definitivno dati vise uvida u to kakva sam kao osoba, kakav je moj ukus za odredjene stvari. Osobe slicnnih interesa ce sa mnom imati priliku da razmijene iskustva i dojmove o doticnim temama. Za prvi post ovog serijala sam odabrala kao temu pet najboljih britanskih muzicara koji su aktivni ovog momenta. Na popisu ce se naci umjetnici ciju muziku i rad jako volim i postujem.


Arctic Monkeys are just brilliant. While everyone's been squealing over the latest Beyonce dress and her weave during the 2014. Brit Awards , I honestly couldn't give a rats arse. Who cares about that when you have a chance to hear Arctic Monkeys live?! Do I Wanna Know was the tune they performed live and even though I was watching them via You Tube, my eyes became all wattery and my heart fluttered. Rock isn't dead and their huge victory on the Brits proved that.  I love them and am always partial to some good indie rock. Alex Turner (frontman) has an amazing voice and I must say that I love the subtle change in image and their style of music they introduced recently. Their AM album literally blew up and no wonder – it features no bad tune at all. Besides my personal fave (Do I Wanna Know) I am recently listening to R U Mine? and Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Lots of über important questions. 

Arctic Monkeys su tako odlicni da mi vec na pocetku ponestaje epiteta kojim bih opisala njihovu velicinu. Dok su tokom 2014. Brits nagrada svi padali u nesvijest zbog haljine koju je Beyonce nosila i njenih novih ekstenzija za kosu, mene je to zaista najmanje zanimalo. Koga briga za takve trivijalnost kada imate priliku slusati nastup Arctic Monkeysa uzivo?! Do I Wanna Know je bila pjesma koju su izvodili te, iako sam nastup pratila preko You Tube-a, oci su mi se zacaklile a srculence zadrhtalo. Rock nije mrtav kako se to zna reci, njihova velika pobjeda na Brits nagradama je dokaz tome. Strasno su dobar bend i oduvijek sam slaba na kvalitetan indie rock. Alex Turner (frontmen) ima odlican glas i dopada mi se suptilna promjena imidza i noviteti koje su nedavno ubacili u muzicki pravac. Njihov posljednji album AM je doslovno eksplodirao i postao mega popularan sto i nije cudno posto su sve pjesme redom izvrsne. Osim meni omiljene pjesme (Do I Wanna Know), cesto slusam R U Mine? te Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?. Dosta über bitnih i hitnih pitanja.


Katy B is one hell of a singer, songwriter an a performer. I remember when I first noticed her in the Lights On video she made with Ms Dynamite. Cute girl with fiery hair and a great hoodie – excellent and intriguing vocals. But she's oh so much more than that. It only takes to listen to one of her live performances to see that. She's a true representative of the UK garage, dubstep and funky electronica genres (her Crying For No Reason and 5AM got lots of attention). There is an ease about her very characteristic of fellow Taureans and this girl is very beautiful as well. I would also say that another UK singer with a Sade vibe falls into a similar category as Katy B. Jessie Ware is also insanely talented but is more clean-cut, more laid-back and you can immediately see the Sade influence in her Running video. Still my fave from Jessie is Wildest Moments.

Katy B je fantasticna cega god se prihvati – pjevanja, pisanja tekstova no i izvrstan je izvodjac. Sjecam se da sam je po prvi put primjetila u Lights On spotu koji je napravila sa Ms Dynamite. Pomislila sam kako je simpaticna devojka vatreno crvene kose, odlicnih vokala i dukserice u koju bih se i sama zavukla. No, istina je da je ta djevojka mnogo vise od toga. Samo je potrebno da poslusate i pogledate jedan od njenih nastupa uzivo. Ona je savrsena predstavnica britanskih garage, dubstep i funky electronica muzickih pravaca (njene pjesma Crying For No Reason i 5AM su dobile odlicne kritike). Takodjer posjeduje odredjenu opustenost i lezernost koja je karakteristicna za zene rodjene u horoskopskom znaku Bika (drage Bikice). Postoji jos jedna djevojka slicnog muzickog pravca kod koje se osjeti znatan utjecaj Sade sto mi je automatski privlacno. Jessie Ware je takodjer nestvarno talentovana no malo vise naginje na “cistu” pjevacicu, jos opusteniju od prethodnice a utjecaj fenomenalne Sade ponajvise primjetan u njenom Running videu. Ipak, njena pjesma koja se meni najvise dopada je Wildest Moments.


I keep falling for Piscean people all over the world and the lovely Emeli Sande is no exception. She has dominant vocals, her presence never goes unnoticed and she has more talent in her pinky finger than most pop stars of today. She is one of those strong women that don't need to strip down to get people's attention. Her voice does all the work – exactly how things should go down and I'll always prefer true artists instead of “entertainers”, as the industry refers to substance-lacking pop stars invading our everyday life. Emeli can be classified as an R&B and a soul singer and what stunns me –  appart from her insanely intense vocals – is the depth of her lyrics. I recommend to give her My Kind Of Love video a watch. You won't go back.

Moja slaba tacka su Ribe, diljem svijeta, i prekrasna Emeli Sande tu nije izuzetak. Ima mocan glas, prisutstvo koje nikada ne prolazi nezapazeno te vise talenta u malom prstu nego vecina pop zvijezda zajedno. Ona je jedna od onih snaznih zena kojima uopste nije potrebno da se obnaze kako bi privukle paznju svijeta. Njen glas je najefektnije oruzje – upravo je onakav tip umjetnika kojeg najvise cijenim te cu uvijek dati prednost istinski talentiranim osobama od onoga sto danas muzicka industrija naziva “zabavljacima”. Emeli se moze svrstati u R&B i soul muzicki pravac ali ono sto me iznova ostavlja paf – pored tog ultrazvucnog glasa – jeste “dubina” njenih tekstova. Preporucujem da pogledate i poslusate njen video My Kind Of Love. Nakon njega cete (garantujem) zeljeti saznati vise o njenom radu.


London Grammar is wow,…just wow. Mark my word, you'll be hearing lots about this band in the next few years. This trio produces music so different than most of the things we hear these days. The second you hear amazing Hannah Reid's vocals you just know that this is no ordinary music act. Her voice reminds me of an instrument. I feel like that is her approach to music-making. I have noticed that as well when she stated how they all equally contribute and that humbleness is somethings to take pride in. Someone described their music as “a blend of ambient, ethereal and classical sounds”. I couldn't agree more. They create this atmosphere, a feeling, a sentiment. I think that their work is amazing. My favorite songs by London Grammar would be Metal and Dust and Wasting My Young Years, although Hey Now is very special as well.

London Grammar je naprosto…ostavlja bez daha, to cu vam reci. Upamtite sto vam kazem, dosta cete cuti o ovom trojcu u buducnosti. Oni proizvode vrstu muzike koja je u potpunosti drugacija od svega sto danas imamo priliku slusati. Vokali Hanne Reid su nestvarno dobri (skolovan glas) i cim je cujete, odmah postaje jasno kako to nije netko “u nizu” mnogih. Njen glas je poput instrumenta. Pod dojmom sam i da ga tako koriste u stvaranju pjesama. Njena skromnost je nesto sto me takodjer dojmilo jer insistira kako u grupi sve troje podjednako ucestvuju u stvaranju muzike. Skromnost je zaista potcijenjena vrlina. Netko je opisao njihov opus kao “mjesavinu ambijentalnih, etericnih i klasicnih zvukova”. U potpunosti se mogu sloziti sa tom konstatacijom. Meni najdraze pjesme od London Grammar grupe bi bile Metal and Dust te Wasting My Young Years, iako je i Hey Now dosta specificna.


I will cheat a little now – on the fifth position I will place a few different acts but I truly find them to be awesome and worh teh mention. I think that Rudimental has suceeded to incorporate the good old, true drum&bass with some new sounds. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I listened to Waiting All Night ft. Ella Eyre (and I have shed a tear due to their video). That is how I found out about this curly-haired maven. Her raspy voice is such a guilty pleasure to me (listen to Deeper). I'd also say that Chase&Status made magic happen regarding bringing back old drum&bass with their Count On Me. Disclosure was in the heads of many with their White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge and I personally cannot get rid of their tune or kick it out of my head for months now. AlunaGeorge make pretty specific synth music (such as Your Drums, Your Love) and I am not certain whether I love it or just like it – only time will tell. One thing is certain – Aluna's vocals are very interesting. That would be my roundup of all British music acts of the moment who I find to be extremely good. Let me know if you've been listening to the same music as I was or if this is all just new to you. I think that it's good to be introduced to new music because you never know what you might like. Not all music of today is crap and these artists are a living, breathing proof of that.

Sada cu malo da “varam” jer cu na petu poziciju da uvrstim vise razlicitih umjetnika jer ih zaista sve redom smatram fenomenalnim te vrijednim spomena. Mislim da je Rudimental uspio savrseno inkorporirati dobri, stari drum&bass sa novijim trendovima. Doslovno sam se najezila po vratu kada sam prvi put poslusala njihovu Waiting All Night sa Ellom Eyre (ali sam i pustila koju suzu zbog videa za ovu pjesmu). Ella je djevojka divlje kovrdzave kose i tako seksi “hrapavog” glasa na koji nikako ne mogu biti imuna (poslusajte i pjesmu Deeper). Isto tako, mislim da su Chase&Status ucinili nesto magicno pjesmom Count On Me te vratili klasicni drum&bass na mapu. Disclosure je u mnogim glavicama zahvaljujuci pjesmi White Noise koju su napravili zajedno sa AlunaGeorge synth dvojcom. AlunaGeorge prave dosta, dosta specificnu muziku (primjer neka bude Your Drums, Your Love) tako da jos uvijek nisam sigurna da li ih volim ili mi se samo dopadaju. Vrijeme ce pokazati. Jedno je sigurno – Aluna ima jako interesantne vokale. To bi bio moj osvrt na trenutacnu situaciju na britanskoj muzickoj sceni kojoj sam dosta sklona. Javite mi u komentarima da li slusate istu muziku kao i ja ili vam je sve ovo potpuna nepoznanica. Mislim da nije lose biti izlozen novim vrstama muzike jer nikada ne znate u cemu cete se pronaci. Nije cjelokupna danasnja muzika otisla k vragu – nabrojani umjetnici su zivi primjeri da to nije istina.


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