Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish with Lycra

What's the deal with these nail polishes anyways, I hear you ask? Well, you can get professional looking long-lasting, glossy, salon-style nails without even stepping a foot at a nail salon. That's terrific news for lazy gals such as myself. And Kate is there to promote that ever-chic London style. Her twelve shades all were given music inspired names such as Rhythm & Blues and Classical Red. I'll be giving those London-esque nail polishes a whirl later on as well. In fact, I do have one Salon Pro nail polish by Kate. It was one of my besties during summer but I'll go into the winter with it as well because it's so lovely. What these nail polishes promise is that jelly, shiny finish that gelish nails have and to provide an outstanding longevity – up to 10 days. There is no way I could even endure with one nail polish on my nails for such a long time nor do I find that this particular claim does live up to the hype. Ten days is really too optimistic, even for Rimmel but I can assure you that the longevity really is good – within a normal, logical time frame.

Vec mogu da cujem upite zasto su ovi lakovi postali toliko popularni? Vecinom iz razloga sto zahvaljujuci njima je izuzetno lako postici dugotrajnu manikuru sjajnog finisa. Nesto slicno efektu profesionalne manikure iz salona. Ovo je super vijest za lijenivca poput mene. A Kate je tu kako bi promovisala stil po kojem je London cuven. Dvanaest nijansi lakova u cijem je kreiranju ucestvovala su dobili nazive cija je inspiracija bila muzika (npr.Rhythm & Blues and Classical Red). Mislim da cu se vratiti po te lakove koji odisu stilom Londona nekada kasnije. A ustvari i imam jedan lak koji je nastao u suradnji sa Kate. Bio je jedan od lakova koje sam najvise koristila tokom ljeta ali namjeravam ga koristiti i kada zadjemo duboko u zimu posto je jako lijep. Ono sto ova kolekcija lakova obecava su sjajan efekat kao kod geliranih noktica i cak su se malo razmetali tvrdnjama da mogu na noktima izdrzati do cak 10 dana. Licno ne mogu zamisliti da jedan lak nosim na noktima toliko dugo vremena jer se sa njima volim poigrati. Iskreno receno, takodjer mislim da su ipak ta ocekivanja isuvise velika te da se uglavnom po tom pitanju radi o dobrom marketingu. Deset dana je previse optimisticno, pa cak i za Rimmel. No bez obzira na to, mogu vam reci kako je trajnost zaista dobra – ako svoja ocekivanja svedemo u normalne okvire.

Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra Nail Polish with Kate in Hip Hop (317) is a gorgeous color which can actually be described two ways. As a bright, shocking red-toned coral. Or as a bright red with a strong orange tone. You wouldn't be mistaken either way. It's semi-sheer and one coat simply won't cut it. You'll need two or even three light coats to build up the opacity – and it still won't be built to the fullest. I can always see the white tips of my nails underneath. If that's something which bothers you, than feel free to skip this shade. I personally don't find this to be a serious drawback because I love the hue and I love the finish. It really is ultra-glossy and very reminiscent of gelish nails. Longevity is average, varying between 3-4 days before it shows slight signs of wear at the tips. I haven't noticed any chipping with this shade per se.

Rimmel Salon Pro lak za nokte sa likrom u suradnji sa Kate u nijansi Hip Hop (317) je prekrasna boja za koju imam cak dva opisa rezervisana. Mozemo je opisati kao zarku, sokantnu koralnu nijansu kojoj je baza crvena boja. A sa druge strane, mozemo je dozivjeti i kao zarko crvenu sa izrazenim narandzastim podtonom. U svakom slucaju, ne bi pogrijesili. Poluprozirne je konzistencije tako da jedan sloj nece biti dovoljan. Biti ce vam potrebna dva ili cak tri sloja kako bi nadogradili gustocu – i opet nece biti potpuno neproziran. Uvijek mogu da zamijetim bijele vrhove noktica pod svjetlom. Ako je ovo nesto sto vam je od velike vaznosti i ako preko toga ne mozete preci – preskocite ovu nijansu. Licno mi to i nije odlucujuci faktor ali zasigurno mi cjelokupan dojam popravlja cinjenica da mi se boja dopada, kao i sjajni efekat na noktima. Zaista je izrazito sjajan lak te doista podsjeca na gelirane nokte. Trajnost je prosjecna, varira izmedju 3 i 4 dana prije nego pocne bijela ivica nokta biti vidljiva. Ali okrzotine nisam jos primjetila.

Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra Nail Polish in Ultra Violet (312) is actually my favourite out of all four. The most beautiful lavender lilac I've seen in a long time! It's so charming and unique. I fell in love with it with the first sweeping motion of the brush. Oh, and while we're mentioning the brush – it's amazing and one of those bigger reasons women love these nail polishes. It's short and it's chubby (read: pretty much on the fatty side) and it does amazing things on the nails. You get absolute control over the brush and the consistency of nail polish. These are one of my most loved nail polish brushes Ultra Violet is also a semi-sheer hue but it can be built up dramatically, compared to Hip Hip (which stays semi-sheer no matter how many coats you apply). The second coat does all the magic here and you do need extra thin coats. Absolutely divine color and it lasts really long – well over 5 days. No chipping with this one either.

Rimmel Salon Pro lak za nokte sa likrom u nijansi Ultra Violet (312) je moj favorit od ove cetiri boje. Ovo je jedna od najfascinantnijih i najljepsih lavandastih nijansi koje sam vidjela u posljednje vrijeme. Iznimno je sarmantna i posebna. U nju sam se zaljubila cim sam prvi put nalakirala nokte ovim lakom. I pri tome moram spomenuti cetkicu – fantasticna je te jedan je od vaznijih razloga zbog kojih je ova kolekcija dobila na popularnosti kod korisnica. Kratka je i debeljuskasta (citaj: prilicna je debeljuca) i cini krasne stvari na noktima. Vec mogu reci da je ovo meni najdraza vrsta cetkica kod lakova za nokte. Ultra Violet je takodjer poluprozirna nijansa ali se moze znacajno nadograditi glede pokrivnosti. Posebno je to izrazeno u poredjenju sa Hip Hop nijansom kod koje je skoro pa nemoguce postici potpunu pokrivnost, bez obzira koliko slojeva laka nanijeli. Kod ove lavandaste boje je drugi sloj potpuno dovoljan i nema potrebe da budu gusti slojevi laka naneseni vec dosta tanki. Prekrasna boja koja traje dosta dugo na noktima – preko 5 dana. Nije ni kod nje bilo okrzotina.

Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra Nail Polish in Cocktail Passion (313) was perhaps the one I wore most while going out during summer. I have this beautiful shimmery light blouse I loved to wear and it was the exact same hue as this nail polish. This is a wonderful pinky coral and it just looks stunning. This shade isn't exactly what I'd call semi-sheer, more of a cream and shiny finish. Unfortunately, I have experienced some chipping during the second day of wear with this one. Sometimes it occurred on the third day but it definitely happens. I love the shade, love the opaque finish but am not happy with the longevity or the way it manifests. Again, very cute packaging and an exquisite brush do score points.

Rimmel Salon Pro lak za nokte sa likrom u nijansi Cocktail Passion (313) je lak koji sam najcesce nosila tokom izlazaka u vrucim ljetnim nocimaa. Kombinovala bih ga sa jednom jako lijepom, laganom bluzom identicne boje koja je prosarana i svjetlucavim nitima. Ovo je jako lijepa ruzicasto-koralna nijansa i odlicno izgleda na noktima. Kod nje teksturu vec ne bih mogla nazvati poluprozirnom. Vise mi vuce na kremasto-sjajni finis na noktima. Nazalost, sa njom sam dozivjela krzanje i sitni komadici laka su se znali odlomiti uz rub nokta nakon vec dva dana. Nekada bi se to desilo nesto kasnije, tokom treceg dana ali nije nesto sto sam uspjela izbjeci. Dopada mi se boja, dobra prekrivnost koju pruza ali mi se ne dopada nacin na koji se slabija trajnost manifestuje. Simpaticno pakovanje i odlicna cetkica ipak popravljaju cjelokupan dojam.

Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra Nail Polish in Peppermint (500) is the shade I thought I'd love the most. It's a beautiful, pearly minty color with blue undertones. But does this baby streak like nothing else! I really hate how one coat looks like on me. Very uneven, streaky and creates these unsightly ridges on my nails – even when they're not really there as a part of the structure of my nail plates (honest). It seems pretty chalky and if you own it or if you simply cannot resist the pretty shade inside the bottle – you can make it look somewhat better when you apply it in thicker coats. That solves these problems a bit. This one didn't chip but I have a really hard time getting over the texture issues. And it isn't as shiny or gelish-like as the rest of the bunch. With 12ml per bottle and priced at €3.90 each (currently on a sale at ASOS), they're worth checking out but make sure you read as many reviews of your desired shades prior to purchasing. Good thing with these is that they didn't make any bubbles, are really easy to remove with a standard nail polish remover and they don't have an aggressive smell. I'll be toting Hip Hop and Ultra Violet into the A/W with me since they'll look amazing with comfy knits and scarves. I'll probably give Peppermint an occasional outing because I have a soft spot for minty shades. Have you tried these nail polishes and what are your impressions?

Rimmel Salon Pro lak za nokte sa likrom u nijansi Peppermint (500)  je nijansa za koju sam vjerovala da ce mi se najvise dopasti. Rijec ce o jako lijepoj mentolastoj nijansi plavog podtona. Ali ono sto je prilicno frustrirajuce jeste da se nevjerovatno neravnomjerno nanosi i ostavlja one linije uzduz nokta (brazde). Njih nikada nije lijepo vidjeti. Posebno lose djeluje samo jedan sloj ovog laka na noktima. Djeluje nekako “kredasto” te u slucaju da vec posjedujete ovaj lak ili naprosto ne mozete odloliti ovoj nijansi – mozete postici nesto ljepsi efekat nanosenjem slojeva vece gustine. To donekle zamaskira problem. Nije sa ovim lakom bilo okrzotina ali mi je prilicno tesko ignorisati ovaj problem sa neravnomjernim nanosenjem. I ono sto vrijedi spomenuti jeste da nije sjajnog finisa kao ostali lakovi iz ove kolekcije koje sam isprobala. Posto u bocici dolazi 12ml proizvoda i zbog cijene od cca 5KM mislim da ih ipak vrijedi isprobati. No preporuciti cu vam kao i kod ostalih stvari da prije kupovine pregledate dosta recenzija zeljenih nijansi na internetu. Ono sto mi se jos kod njih svidja jeste da se ne stvaraju baloncici pri premazu i lako se uklanjaju bazicnim skidacem laka za nokte (npr.Ebelin). Ni miris im nije isuvise agresivan. Hip Hop i Ultra Violet cu da zadrzim i u sklopu postave za jesen/ zimu posto fantasticno izgledaju uz udobnu pleteninu i bogate salove. Mozda i Peppermint bude nekada dobio sansu da bude na mojim nokticima. Sta mogu kada sam slaba na mentolaste nijanse? Da li ste vi isprobale lakove iz ove kolekcije i kakvi su vasi dojmovi?


  1. 4 Oktobra, 2013 / 6:48 pm

    Ovaj Peppermint izgleda kako poprilicno dobar dupe za Essie Mint Candy Apple. I ja sam ga uzela, ali onda je dosao diplomski i s njim moje neuroticno grickanje noktiju tako da ga nikad nisam imala priliku isprobati.

    • 12 Oktobra, 2013 / 1:13 pm

      Da, djeluje dosta slicno! 🙂
      Polako, proci ce i diplomski i sav stres pa ce noktici biti u boljem stanju.
      Znam kako je ali lijep je osjecaj kada ih dovedes u red :))

    • 12 Oktobra, 2013 / 1:11 pm

      Stvarno nije lako, imaju jako lijepe nijanse 🙂 :*

    • 12 Oktobra, 2013 / 1:14 pm

      Krasan je ljubicasti, meni najinteresantniji :)) Idem gledati post sa njim :**


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