L'Occitane Shea Butter Honey Hand Cream

The packaging is their standard tube (mine is the 30ml one) but the tiny bees and the cute honey bear make it even more adorable. I think I'm in love with this Shea Butter Honey range of theirs because every product is so yummy, it's reall hard to resist. This hand cream is very rich because it contains 20% of Shea Butter which makes it very caring and nourishing for the hands. That's my main concern, to keep my hands nourished at all times and that's what you'll get with this cream because you won't need to reapply it all the time. Once is enough for a couple of hours.

Pakovanje je njihova standardna tubica (ja imam onu od 30ml) ali su malene pcelice i medeni medo brundo ono sto daje poseban sarm. Mislim da sam se skroz zaljubila u ovu liniju Karite putera i meda posto je svaki proizvod tako slastan, do mjere da se tesko oduprijeti. Ova je kremica veoma bogata jer sadrzi 20% karite putera koji je cini jako njegujucom i hranljivom za ruke. To u biti i jeste meni primarna stvar, da mi odrzava ruke nahranjenim i njegovanim u svakom trenutku a to cete i dobiti sa ovom kremom jer uopste nema potrebe da je stalno nanosite. Jedno nanosenje i mirni ste i do nekoliko sati.

What makes this hand cream so very special (besides the obviously nourishing texture) is the gorgeous honey scent. It's absolutely marvellous! The true scent of honey which is so hard to describe with words. Winnie the Pooh comes in mind with his constant honey craving which I now share. I have tried some recent LE ranges from L'Occitane but they just cannot compare to this one. Th scent really makes it stand apart and I want to bathe in this smell forever and ever. I'm a bit overreacting but what can I do when I love it so much? It lingers for quite a while and I love to use it in the early morning when I'm off to work. It just feels so warm and comfoting and cozy. Of course, hands are thoroughly protected and taken care of. I only wish they made this range permanent because knowing that it is Limited Edition, I'm always on the verge of running off to their store and insaneley stock up on these. This hand cream has my most sincere and warm recommendation.

Ono sto cini ovu kremu tako posebnom (pored ocigledno te hranljive teksture) jeste njen ocaravajuci medeni miris. Nevjerovatno je dobar! Pravi pravcati miris meda koji je tako tesko opisati rijecima. Winnie the Pooh mi pada na pamet sa svojim stalnim apetitom za medom koji sada i ja dijelim. Isprobala sam jos neke limititane edicije koje je L'Ociitane isto tako nedavno izbacio u trgovine ali mi se jednostavno ne mogu porediti sa ovom. Miris je strasno istice i zelim da se stalno, stalno kupam u njemu. Malo pretjerujem ali sta mogu kada mi se toliko dopao? Zadrzava se na kozi prilicno dugo i volim je koristiti rano ujutro kada krecem na posao. Ucini da se osjecam tako toplo, ugodno i ususkano. Naravno, ruke su temeljito zasticene i njegovane. Samo bih voljela da ucine ovu liniju stalnim dijelom ponude jer znajuci da je u pitanju limitirana linija, stalno sam na ivici da bezumno otcim do njihove trgovine i da se osiguram ogromnim kolicinama iste. Ova krema za ruke ima moju najiskreniju i najtopliju preporuku.


  1. 19 Februara, 2013 / 7:42 pm

    So far I've tried only the classic 20% Shea Butter version, but I must say I'm a bit disappointed, 'cause when I use it, it feels like my hands are super smooth and soft on the surface, but still very dry under this layer of silicone, which the cream contains 🙁
    I love the scent and the elegant, classic tube, but I would like it to moisturise my skin a bit more, not just make it feel silky smooth and then leave it dry again, after a while.
    I expected a bit more of L'Occitane, to be honest, but I have one more of their hand creams (Fleur Cheri) waiting to be tried, so I hope this one will restore my faith in this brand. I'd love to try more of their creams, they look so adorable!

    • 24 Februara, 2013 / 9:55 pm

      I have read your comment as soon as you have posted it and you actually intrigued me to do some research on silicone. It appears that it (silicone) is not as bad as some media is trying to make it. As far as your concern with hand creams goes, I would have thought that the lack of good nourishing ingredients is what the real problem is. The thing is that these creams have really great ingredients which do nourish and moisturize so the silicone should not be masking the lack of quality stuff inside of the cream. I am guessing, just guessing here, that your hands are seriously dry because all of what these creams do for you is a temporary fix. I will try to find something "heavy-duty" but try with massaging extra-virgin olive oil from time to time, switch to a creamy and nourishing liquid hand soap and if you wash your dishes without protective gloves than use them. That is what comes to mind now but if I do find something extremely efficient I will surely let you know. And thanks for writing about your concerns, I do appreciate such honest and informative feedback. As for Fleur Cherie hand cream – it is even lighter than Shea butter one so I would not bother with it in your case. This is of course only a suggestion.


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