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Minimalism enthusiast and lagom life lover, Selma is no plain-Jane. 

Independent since the age of 20, Selma has a career in meteorology for the past decade. This unique profession made way of acquiring a specific set of skills which proved benefitial in juggling multiple jobs and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Being a hard-worker in long day and night shifts at a busy airport never stopped other interests to flourish and in 2012. a personal blog was created. Over the years, this blog has transformed quite a bit from being beauty-based to expanding into a healthy and active lifestyle platform.

Entering the third decade of life, the author has never felt better or healthier which can be attributed to a change in lifestyle that can be credited to the most loving and supporting spouse's initiative. Selma is happily married and has been in a committed relationship for thirteen years. 

Simply put, Simply Selma is currently offering the best reviews and recommendations of both high-street and designer beauty whilst promoting the appeal of a natural aesthetic. Fitness is considered important in these parts so here you can find various posts about different kinds of physical activity from weight-lifting, running to yoga. Healthy and balanced nutrition is important to everyone's wellbeing - especially for active individuals. Therefore the easiest, most delicious and nutritious recipes perfect for when you're on the go are served!

Simply Selma caters to like-minded women, aspiring to balance a career (or two), an active lifestyle and a social life without losing their cool. 

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